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Welcome, from Jen

Artistic Fusion is more than just about dance...

Welcome to Artistic Fusion Dance Academy! I am so excited to share in your dance

journey with you and your child. I have
dedicated my life to mentoring children through the beautiful art form of dance and I am so proud of the culture that has been
created at our studio. I believe in the power of a team, to teach dancers that anything is possible when they put their mind to it, that excellence and hard work always pays off in life and that manners and respect never goes out of style. Dance can mean so many things to can be therapeutic, a creative outlet, a place to be with their friends, a way to challenge themselves as athletes and artists, a place where their artistic voice may be heard. Whatever dance may be for your dancer, our staff is dedicated to guiding them to find joy in the moment and to always strive to their own personal best.


Thank you for trusting us with your most precious children!

 - Jen


In October of 2000, Jennifer Jarnot and her sister, proudly opened Artistic Fusion Dance Academy. With a big dream and courageous hearts, they set out to open a dance studio in Denver, CO that would be unique to the area and would focus on providing the highest quality dance classes, training and education to their dancers. With a start up company of 5 kids and an encouraging support team, the Artistic Fusion Company began and the studio quickly started to transform into a nationally recognized competitive dance studio. It was a dream come true! 

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