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Our Core Values


We are a team based business. We know that team is about compassion, love, support, kindness and the power that we gain when we share and/or lean on each other. There is strength in numbers and we know that our team will be with us through the good and bad. We develop and nurture each individual dancer and give them the tools to be a great team player. The support of their team gives them the confidence to go after individual goals. It works beautifully together.


Artistic Fusion holds our staff and students to a high level of excellence. We believe that how we do anything is how we do everything- so do it with excellence. We are always striving and never settling. We know that we learn from our wins and our losses. We always pick ourselves up and keep moving forward for the greater good of the team and ourselves.


Artistic Fusion believes in always giving back to the community. We know we have to look outside of ourselves and think of others.

"Giving is an act of generosity. Giving is sowing a seed. The seed will produce great harvest of fruits."

- Lailah Gifty Akita


Artistic Fusion is built on an attitude of gratitude. Grateful for the families we work with, greatful for the arts, grateful for each experience that shapes us into who we are as people. We not only want to train great dancers, but loving and compassionate people.


We all LOVE dance and as it is challenging at times, it also needs to be FUN! When you are having fun you are building confidence, meeting new friends, pushing your own limits, challenging your creativity, overcoming challenges and discomforts and MORE.

"Creativity is Intelligence having fun"  - Albert Einstein


We believe in being honest with ourselves and others. We will always be open with communication and are always open to constructive criticism and conversations. These times of honesty and openness can open doors to growth and continued success.


Our number one priority is the CHILDREN of the studio. We are committed to being their mentors, their biggest cheerleaders, their positive role models, their accountability partners, the ones who have the tough conversations with them, the ones who love them! We are dedicated to every child that walks through our doors and know our role is one much bigger than title "dance teacher".

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