Tony Testa

2005 AF Alum

Tony graduated from Artistic Fusion in 2005. Tony was one of the founding members of Artistic Fusion and the AF Company. He currently resides in Los Angeles and can be seen on the Janet Jackson 2006-2007 Tour as dancer and choreographer, in the “Dream girls” movie, and is on the staff of New York City Dance Alliance and Monsters of Hip Hop. Tony has most recently added to his resume- choreographer of Nickelodeons “Dance on Sunset”, choreographer for Cheetah Girls, made his directorial debut in summer of 2008 at the Monster’s of Hip Hop Show, and has booked So You Think You Can Dance (Holland). Tony’s inspiration and legacy continues to thrive at AF and we are all so proud of him and his accomplishments!

Tony was most recently the assistant to choreographer Travis Payne, and assistant to Director Kenny Ortega on Michael Jackson’s “This is It” tour.

Tony just also booked choreographer for Kylie Minogue’s upcoming tour.

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