Miss Luba Takamoto

Ballet & Pilates Instructor | email@company.com

Mrs. Luba Takamoto joined AFDA in 2000 and has been the key factor in establishing the Pilates and Ballet Program at AFDA. Mrs. Luba trained at Pittsburgh Ballet Theater School and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in dance at Point Park University. After dancing professionally for several years, she established and directed The Educational Dance Center in Pittsburgh for 7 years. This was the start of incorporating Pilates with dance education.

Mrs. Luba graduated from the Polestar Pilates Program, a 1,ooo hour year long course with her mentors including: 1st generation Pilates legend Lolita San Miguel, Polestar founders Brent Anderson and Elizabeth Larkham, Angela Crowley creator of Principles of Intelligent Movement and many others.

Mrs. Luba’s workshops and training include Kinesiology Taping, Dynamic Taping, Pilates on Tour 2005, Pilates on Tour 2010, Pilates on Tour 2012, Body, Mind and Spirit-Colorado Springs Coalition, Yoga in the workplace, & Psoas-Breathing in Motion Mrs. Luba continues studies in Feldenkrais, Melt Method, Kinesio taping, Anatomy in Clay, Peak Cadaver, Breathe, and Z health. She volunteers at St. Anthony╩╝s Hospital in the Spiritual Care program on weekends.

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